Tuesday, June 02, 2009

June has finally arrived!

Like most of you, I've been waiting with baited breath for the first southern winds to blow. Now that June is here, it's time to shed those long pants and sweaters for the shorts, skirts and tank tops! Woohoo for warm temps and calloused feet!! Hubby is buying me one of those silly 'ped eggs'...but I enjoy my tough feet. They may not be the prettiest things to look at,...but these feet can walk over glass girlfriends and trust me, on a farm....feet hard as leather is a good thing. Ok..I DO try to pretty them up with a few coats of polish on the toes all Summer long...doesn't really take away from the Paul Bunion feet I have...but atleast my toes look pretty. Don't know why I love going barefoot...but I have this thing about feeling the grass between my toes..and the fresh dirt while I'm in the gardens.

Speakin' of being outdoors...today was a perfect day for snapping a few shots for you all to see. We had a nice rain last night so everything was green as can be...even opened up a few flowers.

The first couple of pics are of the baby chickens....growing like crazy and SO enjoy the outdoors now. Watching them running to catch bugs is a hoot!

The beautiful rooster is our head guy 'Whorhay'....daughter named him..therefore, the name. Anyhoo, he's a big guy and for as handsome as he is...he's the biggest butt head ever! Mean as a junkyard dog(isn't that a song)....but he loves his girls and takes super care of them. Trust me though, if he ever attacked me, he'd be dinner just like George was.

These last few pics are of just a few places around the farm. The garage with the shelf...usually has flowers on it and will later this month when the day Lilly's open. The old serving cart under the trees with some great old junk I found to plant in. LOVE old pots, pans and such for planting. They have such character. The final pic, as well as the very top one are of the back porch... this really is how it looks all season long. No staging there. Our farm boots that we all wear, my favorite old bucket planted, and my old garden tools that I use everyday. These old things have out lasted any of the new tools I've bought over the years, so I'm always looking for more of them at junk sales.

Well friends, I hope your day has been a beautiful one as well.
Till next time, get camera happy and take a boat load of pics. You might just uncover a special something you forgot you had.

Take care,

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