Thursday, December 18, 2008

Merry Christmas and all that...

I can not believe that I haven't posted since Thanksgiving! We have been so busy that finding time to just sit has been hard to achieve.
Infact, I've not even had time to do Christmas shopping till yesterday..and boy was that a mistake!

First off... I have to say that I just can't believe how FAST those 90+ year old women are. Now, I'm not a young hen...but when this little 'ol gal was eying the same cart I was...and she SAW me eying her and then the cart...she shot like a bullet for it...ofcourse MY first instinct was to run for it as well since I WAS the first to spy it. And was the last cart by luck I got to it it first and as I gracefully turned it around like nothing had happened, that little 'ol lady whacked me in the back of the head with her purse!!!!

NOT KIDDING! As I stand there in pure son yells out 'Take her to the ground Mom!'. Now I'm twice as horrified...first I can't believe the old lady whacked me, and then I can't believe my son wanted me to tag her down! I shot my son 'THE LOOK' and turned around to face my opponent. I plastered on a smile and asked her if she'd like the which she applied..'That would be so kind of you'. With the smile STILL plastered to my face, I wheeled the cart around and kindly pushed it her way...where in reality I really wanted to run her over with it...she thanks me and turns on heels like nothing ever happened.

I then turn to my son...who now knows that he's in for a whoppin'....very quietly...almost to the point that I had to strain to hear him...says..'but Mom, you could have taken her'.
Please remind me dear Lord, WHY I had children in the first place. I would have been just as happy with a house full of cats. :o)


It seems we are to have a nice white Christmas this year. Hooray! But I'm not very happy as to HOW that white Christmas is to arrive. With ice storms later this afternoon and snow after that..lasting into next week. Goodness.....hopefully it's all finished by Christmas eve morning as that's when the kids arrive.

They've decided to come early Christmas eve to help with the last bit of preparations for Christmas day. And ofcourse to do our holiday cookie baking! Thank goodness most of the cookie doughs can be put in the freezer till then.

It will be fun having all the kids sleeping over. We have our traditional '1 present' opening on the eve....and that ofcourse is new pajama's to sleep in for everyone. This was a tradition that my Mom did.....but she was so wonderful as to sew ours herself. I loved those long flannel pj's that she'd make us.....I always went to bed warm and happy. So this I've passed on to my kids. Ofcourse I buy the pj's....I just don't sew clothes as well as Mom did.

I can't wait to see my grandbaby open his presents!! I've stocked up on batteries for many pictures to take. And will share with you as well. It will be a wonderful Christmas this year.....but a bit sad with Mom being gone.

Well dear friends....I must head off to the store one last time. I ran out of wrapping paper...God help me....hopefully I don't see that little 'ol lady!!

Till next time.....don't forget to buy 'ice melt'..or better yet, stay home with a good book!!

Merry Christmas!!

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