Saturday, January 10, 2009

Clear Blue Skys'.....

The storm has passed after 3 days of dark sky and snow. It looks so pretty outside, but in reality it's 7* above 0... and you sure don't want to run out and get the mail with wet hair. The sun shines down on the snow and gives such a warm glow to everything around. And the snow.....with the winds howling and whipping all the fresh fallen snow around last looks like waves on an ocean of white. But I think I'll just snuggle down today and NOT go outside. Hubby picked up a huge roast for dinner tonight, so I don't even need to go to the store...and we even have toilet I'm set.

For the gals that emailed asking how the snow machine came didn't. Literally. After all the freezing rain we had, it froze it right to the ground.(evil laugh). BUT..I did have to tag dive hubby to the ground when he tried to sneak out with our electric heater. HA...he didn't think I'd realize it was an extension cord under his coat. It was either that or we were expecting twins!! What was he thinking??!! is 'put away the rest of Christmas day.' Don't say it...I know it's almost the middle of January and it's STILL not down, but hay, atleast I'm not the only one. Yesterday I saw a house lite up to the nighs, inside and out!! Now I don't feel so bad. It's just that it feels so naked when it all comes down. And it was so warm and cozy feeling. Now it'll be all bare....and cold(pouting)...BUT I did go treasure hunting AND I do have a bunch of new stuff sitting on the porch just itchin' for a new space....SOOOO..maybe I'll just look at this as a decorating challenge.

I'd better get the roast in the's one of my favorite comfort foods. Hubby's to work early tonight so we need to eat early.

Till next time,

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