Sunday, January 04, 2009

Winter is still here....(sigh)..

Ok girls...this isn't going to be good. Snow machine broke down and hubby needs to fix it.. right....well with no heat in any of the sheds and below 0* temps, he's not fixing it outside. SOOO...a light bulb goes off in his head, and he announces that he's going to put it down in the basement. Now, I must have had the (your doing what)look on my face because he started laughing and gives me his smooth...'Don't worry'. routine!
Now I'm worried.
'How?' I ask him.....'we'll just open the basement door, and push it down the steps'. 'And how, Pray tell, are you getting it to the steps?' 'We'll pull it with your SUV!' This gave me heart pains...or maybe it was gas, but either way I knew it wasn't a good thing.
So then I ask (as if all this just wasn't enough..)and then how are you getting it OUT of the basement?' and right on cue(you know he was practicing this) 'we'll DRIVE it out'.

Dear Lord, please give my husband some more brains as I'm afraid he's farted his out!!

I promise to keep you posted on this one...till then I'm now crock-pot happy! Today I'm using the 4Qt. bowl and zippin' up a batch of scalloped potatoes and ham. Have to use that ham up somehow, and I'm tired of ham sandwiches. Note to year purchase a new cookbook on how to cook up leftovers so you don't KNOW your eating leftovers.

Oh.. the other day I forgot to tell you another favorite goodie I received for Christmas. Any of you know me I'm like a crazy woman when it comes to handsoap. Where ever I go, if there's a new kind or it's on sale I buy it. Don't know where this comes from....but my Mom was the same way with cleaning supplies. Under our sink looked like a janitor's closet with everything under the sun. If a new product came out...Mom bought it. So anyway, my sweet middle child Ariel, purchased me a whole bag of goodies from my FAVORITE place in the whole world...'BATH AND BODY WORKS'. It contained Shampoo & conditioner(I know...right! Since when did they get Shampooo) and 4 different hand soaps. All in my most favorite flavor....'Warm Vanilla Sugar'...and one in a new kichen scent...called 'Kitchen Lemon'!! YYUUMMYY!!

So, there's a story with this awesome gift. Christmas day I open the bag and pull out all the yummy's from Bath & Body Works...and I grab the hand lotion and pump some on the back of both hands. As I'm rubbing, it starts to get just a bit sticky, but at this time I'm loving the smell and I pump a huge glob on my oldest daughters hands. We're both rubbing away and enjoying the smell...but it just seems to take forever to rub in..the oldest daughter now has it spread all the way up her arms and to her neck! I'm thinking to myself...'note to self.. don't purchase anymore lotion from Bath and Body Works as it really sucks'. Daughter is STILL rubbing the lotion in as I grab the bottle AND my glasses and see that it's NOT hand lotion at all, but moisturizing hand SOAP!!!
Yelling I say..this isn't lotion!! And middle daughter, who by the way was sitting on the couch watching me the whole time says....'well DUHH Mom!! I knew it wasn't'.
Yes.. oldest daughter and I laughed so hard that our sides hurt...and yes we did fight to see who got to the kitchen sink first. Needless to say we BOTH weren't just sanitized for the rest of the day but we SMELLED just like sugar cookies all day long!!

Oh no, I hear hubby outside....I'd better grab the first aid kit and head downstairs. Please keep your fingers crossed and pray that God gives him those new brains right fast.

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HowlingMoonDesigns said...

Hi Paula..This is just to funny :)..I watched ny husband blow up my clothes dryer once because he wanted to fix "one little thing" :)...Men come up with darndest solutions!..Funny on the Hand Soap to..LOL