Tuesday, February 03, 2009

I'm here........really I am!

Well...it never fails. No matter how much sanitizer I keep in my purse, or how many times I wash my hands.....I get that darn flu bug ..every year!! I thought I had it made...usually it hits me at Christmas time...but..oh no...silly me for thinking I was safe! This time it got me.. WHAMOO...WORSE then usual. Down a whole week this time. AAUUGG........is Spring ever coming?? I have noticed that the days are getting a bit longer...and that my girls are laying a few more eggs...so I think it is creeping closer.

Ok..story time. Car wash...automatic...Sitting in there jammin' to the radio with son as he pipes up and says' Mom..wouldn't it be funny if the water didn't come out'. Laughing..I said 'ya it sure would'. At this time the thingie has already gone around with the prewash and is making it's way back from the 2nd time with the soap. It makes it's way to the front...and just as the water SHOULD be shooting out the only thing it's spiting is AIR!!!!!! YA! So there I am...full of prewash, soap...and NO WATER!! But that's not even the best part......NOW comes the WAX!! And still no water. So here I am..prewash, soap AND wax......and then THE DRYER COMES ON!!! OMG.....The heat just baked all that stuff to my car.....Son is laughing hysterically..and I'm swearing like a sailor! Ofcourse I couldn't go anywhere....and God help the poor old man that was using the stall next to me. He must have thought I had turrets!!!

So... after the little green light came on happily blinking for me to 'PULL AHEAD', I exited...only to drive back around again...to wash it by hand.

This little adventure cost me $35.00.and I did leave the caretaker a nasty note expecting to be repaid for atleast the automatic wash! Haven't heard from him yet. Go figure.

So..on to business. As you may have noticed we've added tons of new items to the store. I'm SO excited about it all...and we do have more on the way! I've searched for a very long time for some really outstanding artists...and with my quest finished...I'm come up with the most talented folks in their fields.

Everything we now have is ALL made right here in the USA!! No oversea items!! NO machine made items!! Everything we offer is being all handmade by this group of very talented artists. Some of them have won awards for their talents....and all just amaze me with their kindness and goods.

I hope you enjoy the way we have the website set up now. All antiques are in the 'Antique' area....sometimes it was a bit confusing I know. You can now find just about everything for your Home & Heart in one store.

I will still be making my handmades....are you kidding...it's what keeps me sane! And ofcourse we'll have bunches of more primitive antiques for you as well. I hope you like the look of the store...and the ability to shop in one area....I know it makes me feel good to be able to offer these new items to you.

So, if you have any questions about the new stuff....or just want to chat, just step outside and holler. I'll hear ya!!

Till next time....get your flu shot!!

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HowlingMoonDesigns said...

LOL On the Car wash :)...Love your new stuff!