Monday, February 09, 2009

It's not nice to fool with Mother Nature!

I'm so in love with Spring...the sights...the sounds...the smells. And being the middle of February I KNOW that Spring isn't here yet..but how can I not get Spring fever with weather in the *50's! Even though it's melting the snow faster then the streams and creeks can keep up's still so wonderful to be outside hanging up clothes.

My husband is afraid that Winter is over(remember they have a snow machine in the basement STILL)..but I assured him that I hardly think that Winter will give up so easily. As a matter of fact, we had snow in the middle of May last year.

So with fingers crossed that it won't be another Spring like last year where the flooding took so many homes, I hang my clothes out on the line for the first time today...and breath deeply the fresh warm smells of February.

I am in the process of adding the primitives we have for you. We babysat our grandson this weekend which left me exahuasted....but very happy. So I will get those goods added for you tomorrow..and I even have some new handmades for you to view as well.

Please do stop by tomorrow for a peek and a chat. It's always so very nice to hear from you.

I've snapped just a few pictures of my livingroom. Nothing fancy...but it's were our heart is.

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