Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Updating on The Primitive Gathering

Well..the first of March is almost here...(can't believe it)..and I DID hear birds singing right outside my window it's not to far away!!

After being down for almost 2 weeks sick....I had a lot of catching up to do. Between boxing up orders I was working on some new dolls for the March 1st update on 'The Primitive Gathering'. This guy is Tom...all ragstuffed and hand sewn. A real sweetheart I must say....if you'd like to adopt him,or any of the other dolls.. check out 'The Primitive gathering' March 1st.

And it finally happened.....hubby said no more shoppin' till I get rid of some of my stuff. (meanie) So...we are having a sale on most of the antiques. Good prices. So hopefully we can get some more stuff on the site. So shop, shop, shop!!

And..we've had quite a few gals ask if we could make it easier to find out the shipping prices on our furniture...and we did! THERE ISN'T ANY!! Yup...we decided to just make it as simple as can be for you and have FREE SHIPPING on ALL of our furniture and most of our smalls! Isn't that great! And trust me girls, when I say that our furniture is wonderful!! I've got a few pictures from a couple customers that ordered...and sent along happy's just a matter of getting them on the site.AAuugh! The pretty piece below is probably one of my favorites!

Hope your all well....I'll try not to sneeze on you....and getting in the Spring mood! Keep peeking in on the site. We are adding things every couple of days!
Take care and stay well!

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