Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Feels like a life time ago....

I know, I know.....where have I been? Well dear friends, lets just say that my health was an issue....and I needed to address it. Thank you to all who have emailed and sent cards....your the best! So..I'm now on the road to recovery...a slow road it is, but one that is getting shorter everyday. So, on to all the great stuff that's going on here!

Our oldest daughter moved in last month....and with her came our grandbaby! WOOHOO! Seeing him everyday is just the best joy I could ever ask for. I get to tuck him in at night and kiss him good morning. What a pure blessing he is.

Look at that face....isn't he an angel?

The baby chicks have grown huge while I've been gone. With the warmer weather, they have been moved to a pen that can be inside or out depending on the weather. They do enjoy the warm sunshine and the fresh grass when they are out. I've not introduced them to the older flock yet. Granted, they were just hatched when I received them, but just in case either flock has something contagious...I don't want the other to catch it. Not that any of the chickens have been sick, on the contrary, the older girls are back to playing 'hide the egg and you go find it' game which seems to amuse them to no end. Yesterday I was out on the bench enjoying the day when one of the girls came to share the day with me. When she left, after much chatter, I found a beautiful blue egg by my feet. What a great gift she gave me.

The biggest news is that our sweet youngest daughter's boyfriend came today and asked for our blessing to marry our daughter! Ofcourse after picking myself up off the floor, I gave my approval as did hubby. Alex is a very nice young man and I can honestly say that I've not seen my daughter as happy as she is with him, in a very long time. They are both going to collage and have no plans of quitting......
He plans on proposing next week...I can't wait! He says he's planning something very romantic. Ofcourse I'd expect nothing less from a boy that asked the parents first!

My cup runnith over my friends!

As for store news...our update will be on Thursday. Many primitive antiques will be added...even a few furniture pieces so please do mark your calendar. We will also be marking down a bunch of our antiques to make room for our new goods....so make sure you pick up that something you've been eying before it's gone!


I'm just so tickled to announce that I've also been asked to be featured in the 'Mercantile Gatherings' magazine. What an honor for me. I shall keep you posted as to when....

Well dears....that's just about all the news I have for now. So, till next time pick up the new issue of 'Mother Earth' mag. It's a great read!

Big hugs,

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