Monday, March 02, 2009

The 2ND Day of March

I just can't believe that March is already here...AND we have NO snow on the ground! NONE...ZILCH!! And even better is that it's going to be in the *50's here later this week! WWOOHHOO....time to break out the shorts and hammock. I just had to share this sweet doll that just arrived from Miss Wilma. She is the MOST precious thing ever! That face just sang my tune when I saw here....and so she now sits in a place of honor...where I (and hubby..giggle) Can see her everyday. I just love her to pieces!!

I'm a sucker for a wooden bowl. passion, my downfall. MUST HAVE!! It's like I can't even walk by one without snatching it's in my hands before I realize it. And having all these bowls is fun but yet a challenge...what do you do with them?? So I've taken a few shots of a few of my favorite things. I like putting ANYTHING I can find in them. This HUGE bowl is on my coffee table and is filled with oranges and grapefruit that I dried myself. There's also some dried mushrooms, artichokes, and baby gourds all layered on a bed of dried grass. I love how primitive they look...the fruit isn't dried all's got a great old look to it.
The 2nd bowl is filled with old wooden architectural pieces from an old porch that was being torn down. I loved how simple yet detailed they were...I only wish there was a few more of them.
I've also filled a bowl that's in my kitchen full of all my tin goods. Cutters galore and scoops. Great texture! And always on hand if I need them.
The cabinet is one hubby built for me...and is a narrow 'jelly' cupboard on top. Just perfect for a simple line of bowls. Christmas comes I tuck in greens an drieds...otherwise I usually leave them alone.
And finally, my favorite little 'make-do' cupboard filled with my little sheep (another obsession) and smaller wooden bowls with paddles. The checkerboard you see is one we build and can be found for sale on our website.
So what are your obsessions??
OOHHH..I also LOVE textiles....we'll save that for another day!LOL

Have a great day!

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