Thursday, March 12, 2009

Well friends...this past week as been nuts. With March coming in like a lamb(and how many FORGOT to change their clocks ahead..Hands up...yes I did)the weather this past week has been anything but Lamb like. We had been scheduled to do our update on the 8th. That didn't happen with the winds and freezing rain taking it's toll on my dish. Yup..that left me without a computer for a day and a half. I was having withdrawals let me tell you.
But between the sun and hubby, we were able to clean it off for our update last night...though it DID take me 4 hours to finish it. Ick! But, if you have a chance, please stop on over and see what I've been doing....I really am proud of the new dolls. All hand sewn (tons of work and finger pricks I have to say)...and all made with 19th century rescued fabrics. LOVE them!!


Being March...we've also got our baby chicks ordered. They'll be arriving March 28th. So that will be a very big day for us here on the farm. There are almost 40 coming...6 different breads, all of them are very old breeds and 3 of them are almost extinct. So I really can't wait to see them. It'll be a beautiful flock when they all grow up. Hubby is planning on building a different henhouse that can accommodate all of the chickens. Right now it really is just big enough for the girls i have now ...I want a house that can hold the older girls on one side, and the younger girls on the other....
Pictures will be coming as soon as they arrive. Such cute little puffballs.
I've also got my gardens all planned and have started some of the seeds. It's going to be 8 raised beds this year. Easier for me to garden with the arthritis...and hubby just ordered me a Mantis tiller, so HOPEFULLY no weeds! I'm not sure who's more excited to play with or hubby. He comes in every morning askin' if the post man delivered it yet. I swear...he's like a kid in the candy store when it comes to gadgets!

As usual I went nuts with the seeds. But the packages look SO pretty..and the promise of beautiful plants and flowers is just to much for me to handle. So a whole bag full of seeds are now sitting on the potting table. I'm not talking just 1 pack of each kind here my friends...oh NO..I'm talking 4-5 packs of each!! I told hubby, we live on a farm...with lots of room...which needs lots of plants because then it's less mowing for him. See where I'm going with this?? Oh yes, that worked and hubby was speakless scratching his head....and then finally agreed with me. 'Yup, I guess your right. I love him to death, but BOY is he easy!!(giggle)

So dear friends, I'm off to finish orders...we've had alot of wood orders..which is very good but a bit time consuming with all the aging we do to them. So I'm off to age and work...hopefully I'll get few more goodies on the website in the next few please keep checking.

Till next time....put your feet up and read a good book and just enjoy the beautiful day!
Hugs to all!

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