Monday, March 23, 2009

What's Up Monday...

After a very nice weekend...the weather today stinks!! The wind is so bad it's blown my lawn chairs clear into the field. After 3 trips outside to rescue them...I finally decided to drag those huge concrete blocks out and put one on each seat. It had better keep them in place....because THAT was the last time I'm going after them! And just a little FYI...DON"T hang out laundry today!!!!! Not unless you want a pair of your briefs waving hello from the neighbors car antenna as he goes by!! YA...enough said.

Today has been a busy day here. We've just added (6) *NEW* furniture pieces, and (2) *NEW* Smalls! I'm in love with them all!! And..we've also added (6) *NEW* color options as well. These are our most popular colors.....SO awesome!!
These new dough boxes are a definite MUST HAVE!! So perfect for anything! Towels, old newspapers, books, blankets, paper towels...ect. Yup....A favorite!

Making this short and sweet today...busy, busy, busy. Gotta get the meatloaf in the oven!!

When you get a chance, take a peek at the new furniture. My wood worker man and his son do such a beautiful job on it all! Ofcourse, if you'd like more pics of anything...just yell.

Have a nice quiet evening my friends...and hold on to your hats!!
Much love to all,

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