Monday, November 03, 2008

Busy little elves...

Well dear's that time of year again...yup, the only time I get to sit down is to watch my favorite show...'Wife Swap'!! Busy are we this year....finally a year of NO wholesaling!! Thank goodness!! Now don't get me wrong...I loved making goodies for my wholesale gals..but making everything over and over again just wasn't my thing. I want to be creative...and I just wasn't able to do so these past few years. This year however has been so freeing! I've got ideas popping out of my head all the time. It's such a grand feeling when I've got an idea for a little something that I just know will be a big hit!! And the Santa guys that I came up with for The Primitive Gatherings are SOO awesome!!!! Super cute and totally original!! You must head over and see all of them!! The Primitive Gathering


The weather has been pleasantly warm these past few days...I was even outside cleaning out the flowerbeds in shorts yesterday! Being the beginning of November and in the high 70's!! That's crazy for Iowa....but I'm not complaining. It sure does help my RA when the weather is warm. If you know me at know I hate the cold. It just makes my RA hurt something awful! I've learned to live with my pain everyday..but when that cold hits....sometimes it just takes all my energy to get out of bed. So now I'm seeing a new Dr.....and yet again trying new drugs. IVs this time. On to the hardcore drugs he says. Well it's about time I say since I've had this darn disease for 10 years now. It's taken it's toll on fingers are beginning to look like something out of a horror show. I can't wear rings...or even regular shoes anymore. The slip on clogs are more my style....easy to slip on and off. I'm in pain everyday...the pain killers do help. I asked for a milder one as I hate that 'spaced out' feeling some of the stronger ones where making me feel. So lets keep our fingers crossed that the IVs will do the trick...and I can be a whole new person! I'll keep you updated.....should be seeing him real soon. These darn Dr' takes forever to get an appointment to see them. HA! I sure got into the wrong line of work! I guess I should have been a Dr after all! NNNAAAAAA......!!!

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