Friday, November 07, 2008

It's doing it again!!

NO it's NOT fog!! If I click my heels together 3 times...can I make it go away?? AAAUUGGGHHH!!

These were taken out our front living room window. Beautiful view...when it's not snowing!
Ofcourse our son is just jumping for joy ...he's wishing we get FEET of the white stuff!! Only because his can ride his snow machine! I DID remind him of the broken collarbone he had last year...he assures me that he will be very careful this year. We'll see about that. He's a walking accident looking for a place to happen. 15 and awkward....are all boys like that?? Anyhoo....if it snows enough for him to even get the machine out...I'm packing my bags and heading South. Find myself a good looking man slave and just live off the land. Well, maybe not all the way on the land. I like my indoor plumbing..and my curling iron. It's kind of hard finding a 120v plug-in in a tree. And don't think I haven't searched...I have but to no avail. Mother nature must have natural curly hair...unlike some of us. You'd think that being a woman, she would have thought about these things when she had her 'let's make a world' powwow with God! JJEEEZZZZ. What was she thinking.....

Other news, still working on the goods today. Between boxing up orders, and doing laundry,(did you know that socks and undies mate in the wash?? They must, because I always end up with more then I put in)....I've been working on finishing them up. Hopefully I'll have them added tomorrow. Besides, it's an terrible day for picture taking.

Well, I'm off to match up socks....and get a loaf of bread on for dinner. Thank goodness for bread machines!! I know it's cheating, and I DO make homemade when I have then time, but when your in a hurry a bread machine is a 'good thing'. (sorry Martha).

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