Sunday, November 09, 2008

Sundays' news...

Since I've decided to accept the fact that Winter has arrived....I decided that it would be best if we did a bit of weather proofing this year. It is an old farmhouse, and the winds do howl somethin' fearse across the fields off to the local home depot I go.

OK...I have to tell you..I found the FUNNEST stuff to play with!! It's insulation in a can. Like cheese in a can, only better! This stuff grows when it's sprayed!!'s SO fun! I was running around here with a can in each hand finding places to spray. I must admit that if anyone was watching me, they'd have thought I'd taken to much medication. It was so is a bit contagious though...kind of like when your gilding pine cones..and you can't stop yourself and pretty soon everything in the house is gilded. Yay...kind of like that....

A few words of caution.... It grows. Did I say it grows. AND you can't clean it up till it dries. Ok, that's where it all went wrong. It's rather hard to use the powder room when you have 2 cans glued to your hands. And trying to peel them off isn't a good thing either. It took a little gas, hubby and son to peel them off...and then another hour getting it off my fingers!

Hubby says I can't play with it anymore.....spoil sport.

Other news....I've finished up those Christmas goods I've been working on...and I must admit they did turn out real pretty. Sticking with my handmade ornament theme...I made up some hearts from heavy old sack fabric and stars out of my favorite early faded calico...made some reindeer....SOO sweet. They take so much time though that this will be the only set I make this year. Lets see...what else, oh yes there are stockings and more candy canes. So maybe you can stop by and take a peek when you get a chance.

As for me...I'm off to continue my sock matching.....(the washer eats them you know).....and make fresh bread...which I will be posting the recipe for. So easy and yummy!! And finish decorating the house. Hubby put the TV cabinet together so I had to move furniture around...which in turn made the wall decor obsolete...and so on. It's a never ending circle...but one I do enjoy fixing. It gives me the chance to boss hubby around.....and he deserves it...telling me I can't play with the spray can.. I'll show him who's boss!

So till next time...head off to your local Home Depot...the spray insulation is in with the weather proofing stuff!!

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