Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving time.....soon.

Are we ready ask with just a week to go?? NOPE!!

With us all being so busy..the house looks like a pack of kindergardeners went through it! Not even kidding. I decided to finish up with the orders and the new goods I've been working on...and then shut everything down to get ready for Thanksgiving. That gives me a week to clean..which I do totally because the day after we always begin our Christmas decorating. So I figure if I do at least one room a day..I'll be done the day before the big day! Both daughters are coming home early to help with the decorating and that will be nice. I love having my girls home. We have always gotten along so well..there's tons of giggles and ofcourse the pickin' on each other is high as well.

I have to tell you about these sweet new dolls I've finished! They are my favorite so far this year....cute, sweet and simple looking. the aging took me days. Trying to achieve the look AND feel of an old doll. Soft squishy and cuddly they are perfect!! To tell you the truth, I won't be heart broken if they don't sell. I'll have a wonderful time having them out this season to greet my guests. ;o)

The new Mercury glass ornaments are even better then I thought they'd be! They really look like the old ornaments...and I love the fact they made them the 'ol fashion way as well. The sparkle they have on a tree is awesome...I will definitely have some of them on my tree this year. You should see how beautiful they look with the redware ornaments!!!! OMG!!

So in the next day or 2 I'll share with you a couple of my favorite Thanksgiving recipes...ones that we enjoy every year so you know they are awesome! So get a paper and pencil ready and make sure you stop by soon. Hopefully we can share a bit of our Thanksgiving with you. ;o)

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