Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Thanksgiving Recipe and such....

Well friends....2 days before the big day and I'm ALMOST ready. I'm finishing up the cleaning today which leaves tomorrow free for setting the table and making up a few of the dishes ahead of time.

I thought I'd share our favorite fruit salad recipe with you. I make this at Thanksgiving and Christmas only. And even though I've doubled this recipe as the family has grown...there are never any leftovers! This recipe was given to me by a wonderful friend of mine many moons ago.

24 Hour Fruit Salad

2-11oz cans mandarin oranges(drained)

1-20oz can pineapple chunks(drained)

1-jar Royal Anne cherries(drained)

2-cups seedless grapes cut in half

3-bananas sliced

2-cups mini marshmallows


4-Tablespoons white vinegar

4-Tablespoons sugar

2-Tablespoons butter

1/2-pint whipped cream

Place all the fruit in a big bowl. In a double boiler combine beaten egg, vinegar, and sugar. Cook till thick. Add butter and let cool. Add whipped cream to the egg mixture till well combined. Add this to the fruit and then stir in marshmallows. Let this stand over night!

I hope you enjoy it and it too becomes a family tradition at your house.

As stated in the last post, we've taken this time off from the website to prepare for Thanksgiving. We, ofcourse are continuing to fill and ship out orders. I'm just not working on any items this week..BUT..after Thanksgiving I'll be hard at it again finishing up some new goods for Christmas and after. So please make sure you peek in from time to time to see the latest.

We hope you and yours have a safe and Happy Thanksgiving!

You may have noticed that we've drop the price on a few of our items. This is just our way of helping out this season with the economy and seasonal crunch we are all feeling. We just want to help you have a wonderful holiday season this year, and purchase high quality items at an affordable price. The price decrease will be in affect till the 1st of the year. HAPPY HOLIDAYS!

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