Thursday, November 13, 2008

Things I enjoy

If you had asked me 2 years ago if I'd enjoy cleaning out a chicken house...I would have shouted ARE YOU CRAZY! before you'd even finished the sentience.

That was when I was a city girl and I was totally obsessed with CLEAN! Now that I'm a's not that hard to get out there and shovel poo. I don't even need a whole container of Lysol wipes to do it. When I first started 2 years ago Iwas nuts about the poo. I'd wear a mask....hubby's coveralls, a hat and gloves..and God forbid any poo got on me. I would be in the shower in a heart beat. Now.....not so much.

Infact I enjoyed cleaning it out yesterday. I went in early evening when the sun was just about down, so the girls where all in sitting on the roosts. It's so nice chatting with them. You may laugh, but they do talk to me. It's a soft coo and some clicks as I talk and sing to them. I've done that from the time they were born, so they do enjoy it. Infact if I say 'sshhhhh' they all quiet down and not a peep comes out of any of them. It's rather cute how well they listen to me.

Anyway, as I'm shoveling out the straw, we were all chatting together and Miss Lucy, she's my half breed and the nosiest one of the bunch, jumps on top of the nesting boxes to get closer to me and as I'm scooping straw, she's picking out my hair. She's such a little stinker that one, and finds this a fun game to play with me. I'll stand up and shoo her away, but when my back is turned, she once again jumps over to me and commences to tug on my hair. It doesn't hurt, and I know she's not doing it to be mean.....I think it's rather endearing of her. After the cleaning is finished, I bring in the fresh bail of straw and grass mix. You should see them then! Each jumps down from the roost and hops around my feet trying to be the first to grab the seed heads out of my hands. They so enjoy getting the house clean. I think their favorite part is making the nesting box just so. It's a sweet sight to see. Each girl has her favorite box(it's true)..she will snuggle herself down into the straw while working her way all the way around in a circle....this goes on till the nest is just right. And by the time she jumps down, the nest is a perfect circle. Already for those beautiful eggs they grace me with.

They say that chickens aren't smart, but I do beg to differ. My chickens play, chase, and miss one another when they are apart. I never thought I'd be so in love with my girls...but I truly am. They definitely make my heart smile every time I'm with them.

That's just a little piece of what makes me happy.....hope you enjoy it.

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